• Speak with astrologer 15 min/30min
    You can call either through whatsapp, skype or facetime
    Speak with astrologer padma directly
    No software is used in the prediction
    Call charges
  • House issues
    owning a house is the dream of many people. so horoscope analysis will help yo to determine the time of getting the house, directions and whether it will be good for buying a house. also any queries regarding house issues like court case, construction blocks will be answered her
    Payment INR 500
  • Marraiage issues
    when will i get married. is it love or arranged marraige. will my married life be peaceful. will i be successful after marraige. all these questuons are answered in this product Payment INR 500
  • Women related issues
    women always feel comfortable with another women and they can openly discuss their issues with women astrologer Padma. it ranges from health issues, marital issues and child issues
    Payment INR 500
  • Tarot reading
    you can take online reading with me by connecting through whatsapp, skype or any form of video calling. i will answer the questions you ask by shuffling the card and reading through the cards
    Payment INR 650
  • Numerology
    it is about using the combination of planetary positions, numbers and name alignment for bettre future. you need to prove the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. we will calculated the nakshtra and the syllable. then we will help you to get the right name.
    Payment INR 500
  • Marriage Matching
    We see porutham based on matching the planets of two horoscopes and its posistion. it is not based on nakshatra porutham. this requires elaborate working of two horoscopes.
    Payment INR 125