About Us

Ms Padma Ganesh married into the traditional thanjavur brahmin family, Ms.padma ganesh got exposure into astrology, hindu rituals and vedic chanting. She is proud to be a part of 150 year old tradition of managing thirumazhapadi temple and chanting of rudra japam.

The urge to help others has always been there. Added to this flavor was her guru sadhana where her devotion to Saibaba pulled Ms. padma into the field of astrology

Vision / Happiness / Challenge

Her Vision
Help people to tackle problems and get solution to the best of her ability. guiding them into rituals to make them understand the maze of life
Her Happiness
"For me the happy moments come when my client comes and says that they have got promotion or when they have got married. it is like i have helped one soul to meet their destiny"
My Challenge
"It came in the form of marriage matching or porutham. i must have done close to 30 matching for the daughter of a client. i could not see her settling with any horoscope. afer 6 months of hardship the cleint came and told me that the daughter is engaged. i felt very happy as if my child was getting married."

My Support

"It starts from my husband Ganesh, inlaws, my brother and my son raghav. they helped me in the transistion from a corporate job to become a full time astrologer. last but not least- my guru K.B.Gopalakrishnan whose blessings had opened my third eye of understanding the percepts of astrology. finally to my chota guru Shravanthi- the admiration keeps expanding

i pary to saibaba and GOD the almighty that my journal of astrology must be filled with the pages of many marriage, childbirth and promtions that of my clients and those who have come and met me.