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  • mahalakshmi pooja vidhanamMahalakshmi pooja
    for people who want to gain abundance in the material world. for some this pooja is done to get married and attract right spouse
  • shatru samhara pooja onlineChatrusamhara pooja
    this pooja is for clearing obstacles, difficulties and enemies which prevent us from climbing the ladder of success
  • sarpa dosha nivarana poojaSarpa Pooja
    for sarpa dosham and if the horoscope showa many planets associated with rahu and kethu


  • kalasarpa shanthi homamSarpa Homam
    What is Sarpa homam, Who should do sarpa homam. There are many questions pertaining to sarpa homam homam . In sarpa homam we offer prayers to nine sarpas namely kulligan, mahakulligan, Padman etc Sarpa homam is mainly done to clear the Rahu ketu Dosha. also for some the Astral body opens up to the lower Astral vortex. So to close the link with the lower Astral vortex, sarpa homam is done
  • thila homam procedureThilla Homam
    We are all connected with the ancestors. if our ancestors have not reached the divine light of god, they will disturb our mental body, emotional body and astral body. in physical life we will have difficulty to make money. some people do not get married. some do not have progeny. these can be cleared with thilla homam. eight priests will be doing the homam. the salient point of this homam is that we will pray for your ancestors to get relased from the 28 hells
    Payment INR 23000
  • homam ritual on birthdayBirth Day Homam
    Your birthday is the magical day because that was the miracle day that you were born in this world. So that day is very important point.
    Birthday is telltale point to analyse how the coming year will be.
    Celebrating the birthday in a big manner indicates your successfulness in your life