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Know your Future Understand the destiny. Tap the ancient science of india to undertand your life and solve your life problems. Welcome into the magnificient and magical world called astrology.

Come and immerse into the energy of navagrahas and get the pearl of wisdom and soul understanding

Our Pooja

  • Mahalakshmi Pooja -- For people who want to gain abundance in the material world. for some this pooja is done to get married and attract right spouse
  • Chatrusamhara Pooja --This pooja is for clearing obstacles, difficulties and enemies which prevent us from climbing the ladder of success
  • Sarpa Pooja --for sarpa dosham and if the horoscope showa many planets associated with rahu and kethu


  • Sarpa HomamThis homam is done to please eight sarpas as prescribed in the scriptures. this is a fire ritual to clear sarpa dosham
  • Thilla Homamfire ritual to clear the pitru dosham. Also this ritual will help the pitrus to merge with divine light by clearing them from 28 hells
  • Magic Day HomamAny fire ritual done on your birthday and birth nakshatra will make magic bloom in your life